EPISODE #13 - Welcome To The Charismatic World (Part 6 On Why It's Almost Impossible To Leave)

In Part 6 of a series on the charismatic world, Collin explores what he saw attracting himself and many others into charismatic churches and what made it (almost) impossible to leave. If so many people agreed with Collin's concerns, why was no one doing anything about it or leaving?

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Resources For Further Study On Gospel-Focus

Gospel Wakefulness, by Jared Wilson

Defiant Grace, by Dane Ortlund

Commentary On Galations, by Martin Luther

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Resources For Further Study On The Holy Spirit

Just Do Something, by Kevin DeYoung

Rediscovering The Holy Spirit, by Michael Horton

The Holy Spirit, by Sinclair Ferguson

More Applicable Resources

Spiritual Depression, by Martyn Lloyd-Jones