EPISODE #8 - Welcome To The Charismatic World (Part 1)

In Part 1 of a series on the charismatic church movement, Collin shares how he entered the charismatic world about a decade ago and why he left. If you are in the charismatic church movement or thinking about joining it, but have questions about it, this series is for you.

Collin will be sharing a ton of stories and experiences and doing theological analysis and church-culture analysis of how the charismatic movement draws in so many people and why they stay, even when they have significant differences. He will show how the Bible was handled, how the Gospel was handled, what was believed about the Holy Spirit (including all the weird stuff), and how evangelism was done (and should not have been done). Collin’s experiences are by no means indicative of what every church in the charismatic world believes or practices but they may be helpful to hear about if you find yourself in a charismatic church.

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